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Opening Workshop: Why Are They Still Entering Grain Bins? @ Convention Center - 290
Mar 10 @ 8:00 am – 9:30 am

No matter how well you are prepared, entering a grain bin is a risk. Take it from a survivor, who will share a first-hand account of how fast a grain bin entrapment can happen. This in-depth workshop examines why entrapments occur and how to prevent them.  The discussion also covers new technology, equipment, trends, procedures and safety equipment to use when grain bin entry is necessary.

This session will help make your facility safer.

Presented by:

Carol Jones, Professor and Buchanan Chair, Oklahoma State University

Jeff Decker, President, Decker Consulting & Investigations

Using Infrared Imaging in the Grain Industry @ Convention Center - 291
Mar 11 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am

This session is going to focus on how the developing trends in Infrared technology can help you avoid electrical issues.

Although visual inspections can reveal electrical problems, by the time problems are actually visible with the naked eye, there could already have been damage that has occurred. The finical impacts and downtime that can be caused with this can add up quickly.

This session will cover basic techniques and current technologies available to make infrared inspections not only cost effective, but improve the safety and preemptive inspections at your facility. Attendees will have a better understanding of how to utilize infrared equipment and why it should be added it to your ‘equipment tool box’ if it’s not already there.

Presented by:

Bryan Buhler, Fluke Corporation

How Big Data Can Increase Profits, Reduce Downtime, and Improve Customer Service @ Convention Center - 293
Mar 11 @ 8:45 am – 9:45 am

Big Data has continuously evolved and grown since the 1800s, and the same challenges continue to exist today: how do I deploy new technology?

During the early 2000s, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) exploded. With wired and wireless sensor technologies, collecting real-time data from equipment and stored grain is possible. This session is a “must attend” for managers, CEOs, and COOs hoping to better leverage technology and use data to make informed decisions. Topics include the convergence of IT and OT technologies and how to deploy your data.

This workshop could dramatically improve profits, reduce unscheduled downtime, and increase your customer service.

Presented by:

Rachel Tormbetta, Software Engineering Director, General Electric Digital

Efficient Drive Technologies for the Future @ Convention Center - 293
Mar 11 @ 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

If you are interested in overall drive system efficiencies for conveyors or bucket elevators, this session is for you!

This presentation offers insights about future system designs that support the lowest total cost of ownership by minimizing the electricity and maintenance during the equipment lifecycle. Learn how to identify the most energy-efficient designs for new equipment and contributing factors to overall efficiencies with current equipment. Fault modes required to shut down equipment under various faults will be discussed. Examples of installations employing the latest drive designs from multiple manufacturers will be shared.

Presented by:

Hans Rodgers, Industry Account Manager, SEW-EURODRIVE

Facility Design: Maximizing Efficiently and Throughput @ Convention Center - 295
Mar 11 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Grain elevator facilities have grown and evolved from simple storage sites to large, high-throughput, and highly automated processing plants. This trend is driven by the consolidation of country elevators due in part to local economic conditions and changing railroad regulations. Increased demand for grain storage space, especially as yearly harvests increase, is another reason for this growth.

This session focuses on facility design as it relates to overall efficiency and throughput. Learn how to design and prioritize short- and long-term plans for grain facilities to meet ever-changing industry demands.

Presented by:

Kurt Rosentrater, Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Mergers and Acquisitions 2.0: Evaluating the Intangible @ Convention Center - 293
Mar 11 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

The merger and acquisition process is handled very differently depending on the situation. Properly valuing the acquisition can provide a successful transfer of assets and set you up for long-term success. Take an in-depth look at how businesses are valued by applying traditional and innovative approaches. Explore other potential costs that sit outside the conventional appraisal process. Evaluate the intangible pieces including the safety culture, engineering concerns, business enterprise synergies and current workforce. Become a more discerning and informed user of appraisal services.

Presented by:

Nick Clinebell, Professional Engineer, Nohr Wortmann Engineering

Jeffrey Berg, Owner/President, Crown Appraisals, Inc.

Grain Entrapment Rescue Demo @ Convention Center - Expo Hall
Mar 12 @ 10:30 am – 11:15 am

For the first time, the Expo Hall includes a grain entrapment rescue demo. This interactive training will reinforce proper rescue techniques for grain entrapment, and help you build skills to keep yourself and co-workers safe.

Closing Workshop: ArcFlash – A Multi-Faceted Examination @ Convention Center - 290
Mar 12 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

This exciting closing workshop always garners high interest and attendance.

During this session, industry experts discuss approaches to performing ArcFlash studies and the value and risks of each. Learn about what actually occurs during an ArcFlash and why it is so important to understand the associated risks and the required PPE. Listen to a first-hand story and picture of ArcFlash incident that occurred at a GEAPS member’s facilities.

This session is guaranteed to be informative and well worth your time.

Presented by:

Dave Marr, Retired Facility Manager, MAC Breckenridge

Eric Dorn, Project Manager, Faith Technologies, Inc.

Joe Schommer, Business Development Manager, Resa Power Service