Exchange Educational Programming Committee (EPC)

The EPC identifies long-term grain operations continuing education needs and trends, establishes program development objectives, selects topics and faculty, oversees content development and evaluates program effectiveness to improve future performance.

About GEAPS Exchange

EPC Committee Members…

  • are GEAPS members
  • focus on grain operations and processing
  • volunteer their time and efforts
  • are responsible for travel expenses
  • work collaboratively and share industry knowledge
  • attend and participate in all meetings
  • have fun!

Interested in joining the EPC?

Inquire today!  Email GEAPS for more details about joining the team.

Serving on the EPC has been a wonderful experience and I have developed an incredible amount of friendships. This group is hardworking and a ton of fun. I am, and will continue to be, a staunch supporter.

Allan Tedrow

McCormick Construction

2019-2020 Committee Members:

Jason Grahek, Chair, AGI CMC, Minneapolis Chapter

Tom Rodman, Vice Chair, Cargill, Inc., Columbia River     Chapter

Barb Grove, International Board Rep, Central Valley Ag Cooperative, Great Plains      Chapter

Todd Morey,  Associates Board Rep, AGI AIRLANCO , Kansas City Chapter     

Randy Bowman, Member, Linak US Inc,    Non-Chapter 

Karen Carmichael, Member, Charm Sciences Inc., Tri-State Chapter     

Jason Deckard, Member, Painters USA Inc, Cornbelt Chapter     

Cole Halbleib, Member, JMI Covers LLC,   Kansas City Chapter  

Butch Hendrix, Member, Kokomo Grain Co Inc,   Hoosier Chapter        

Chuck Kunisch, Member, Michigan Agricultural Commodoties, Michigan/So Ontario Chapter         

Vincent Marze, Member, WL Port-Land Systems Inc, Seaway Chapter  

Andrew Merkins, Member, Ibberson, Minneapolis Chapter        

Sean Morgan, Member, Seedburo Equipment Co, Cornbelt Chapter     

Gretchen Mosher, Member, Iowa State University, Greater Iowa Chapter        

David Olheiser, Member, VAA LLC, Minneapolis   Chapter

David Powers, Member, DEKRA, Greater Iowa Chapter   

Mervin Rapp, Member, CHS, Inc, Gulf South Chapter      

Kalah Schmitz, Member, Ecolab, Hoosier    Chapter

Laura Schulz, Member, Painters USA Inc,  Golden Triangle Chapter      

John Stainbrook, Member, Mountaire Farms Inc., Mid-Atlantic Chapter           

Nathan Tostenson, Member, Applied Power Products, Minneapolis      Chapter

Jeff Trudell, Member, AGI, Michigan/So Ontario    Chapter

Tom Waletich, Member, Agtegra Cooperative, Non-Chapter      

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