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The Exchange Educational Programming Committee plans sessions in a variety of formats. If you have a topic that is relevant to the grain industry, we invite you to apply today!

Call for Speakers

GEAPS is currently accepting presentation proposals for the annual conference, GEAPS Exchange, February 25-28, 2023 at the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, Missouri.

The Exchange Educational Programming Committee (EPC) has built an agenda of industry-leading, emerging topics. We are looking for dynamic speakers to share their new ideas, products or services to the grain industry.

Please submit your proposal by filling out the information in the link below. 

This year the EPC is looking for topics focused on:

  • Maintenance (preventative, predictive, hands-on demonstrations)
  • Employee Development and Wellness
  • Energy Management
  • Regulatory and Safety Updates
  • Cyber Security
  • And more!


Experts Needed At Exchange 2023

Important Dates

>> Call for Speakers Campaign Begins
     June 2022

>> Applications Accepted
      September 21, 2022

>> Exchange 2023
      February 25-28, 2023

Exchange 2023 Education Opportunities 

Concurrent Education Sessions 

Varied length presentations based on GEAPS core competencies and conference themes. Conference themes include basic maintenance, employee development and wellness and safety. All sessions will focus on GEAPS’ five Core Competencies as well.   

Core Competencies Include: 

  1. Grain Quality  
  2. Facility Maintenance and Design 
  3. General Industry Operations  
  4. Risk Management  
  5. Human Resources

    Maintenance Topics we are looking for:

  • Pulleys & Idlers
  • Belting, Leg Cups, & Fasteners
  •        Multiple methods to splicing belts
  • Power Transmission
  •         Gearbox
  • Conveyors (screw, enclosed belts, drag, open, pneumatic)
  • Dust Collectors
  • Bucket Elevators
  •          Elevator Leg maintenances
  • Bearing Maintenance
  •          Cutting
  •          Lubrication
  • Lock out/tag out; compressed air, hot work, confined spaces
  • Post Harvest Maintenance
  • Hazard monitoring; Hazmon testing

Idea Exchange
The Idea Exchange features 12 to 15 participants delivering approximately five minute presentations. The program includes two segments: 

“Small Changes….Big Impact!” highlights ideas that grain operations managers and workers put into practice to improve safety or efficiency at their facilities or enhance environmental awareness, company culture or community involvement. 

“What’s New?” includes new products and services developed for grain operations during the past year. 

Innovation Stations (formally known as expo pods )

The most interactive learning opportunity at the Exchange, Innovation Stations, offer hands-on learning opportunities in the Expo Hall. Designed for groups of up to 60 attendees these sessions feature interactive presentations and equipment demonstrations. Presentations include hands-on time and question-and-answer sessions. If you have a new technology to share or would like to participate in some hands-on maintenance training we invite you to apply today. 

Speak at GEAPS Exchange!



If you have a question about the conference education that’s not here, please reach out and we would be happy to assist. 

Speaker Inquiries:

Non-commercial Nature of the GEAPS Exchange Education Program

To maintain educational integrity, presenters are advised not to use their session(s) as a platform for promotion of their products and services or for monetary gain. GEAPS provides a unique forum for professionals to have an open dialogue and a creative exchange of ideas free from commercial content. 

Honoraria, Travel Expenses and Complimentary Registration

As a non-profit association, GEAPS does not pay an honorarium for concurrent session presentations at Exchange. In addition, the speaker is responsible for all travel-related and accommodation expenses. Persons selected to speak at concurrent education sessions or the Opening Workshop will be provided with the option of a full complimentary registration for the duration of the entire conference, including social events. Persons selected to speak at the Idea Exchange or Expo Pods will receive a complimentary registration for the duration of the entire conference including Expo Hall and education access, but not including social events. ($550 value)

Important Dates

Submissions accepted through September 21, 2022

Review/Selection Process

Education Committee Presentation Review and Selection Process—The GEAPS Exchange Education Planning Committee (EPC) consists of members from all avenues of the grain industry with many years of industry experience. The committee’s role is to review, plan and evaluate GEAPS’ education programming for the Exchange.

The selection process involves a review of every complete presentation application submitted prior to the deadline. All presentations are selected on the basis of the information submitted. Those submitting are expected to follow all instructions carefully and provide all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. 

Speaker Commitment

If you are selected as an Exchange speaker, you will be asked to submit materials and information in a timely manner. Conference speakers should understand the importance of meeting these deadlines. By submitting a presentation proposal, you are committing to your role in executing a successful conference. The EPC will review presentations to confirm they are meeting described session objectives and are appropriate for the designated learning levels. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the content, GEAPS reserves the right to require that changes be made.

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