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Exhibit at GEAPS Exchange 2020

GEAPS Exchange 2020

Expo Hall Floor Plan

View the online version of the 2020 Expo Hall Floor Plan to review booths that are still available.

This floor plan refreshes every 60 seconds to show booths as they’re being reserved. By clicking the “+” in the upper right corner of the floor plan you can zoom in to read company names on reserved booth.

Additionally, you can view an online version of the floor plan, in which, a letter that indicates price will appear when you hover your mouse over a booth space. Pricing information can be found on the Exchange 2020 Booth Rental Fees.

Features Labeled on the Floor Plan

The entrance attendees will use to enter the expo hall.  You will see this printed in red at the bottom of the floor plan.

The GEAPS Area, which will house the GEAPS booth, refreshment breaks, periodic rescue demonstrations with a grain entrapment trailer, and possibly a concession cart.

Two lunch lounges, which will contain our daily lunch buffets as well as seating.

Four regular lounges, simply labeled “Lounge,” which will house refreshment breaks (dependent on sponsorship) and tables/seating as space allows.

Four Pods, which are curtained-off areas offering hands-on learning opportunities scheduled at various times during the expo. The Pod theme for Exchange 2020 is confined spaces.

The loading docks, which are at the top of the floor plan.

Smaller lounges and seating areas may appear as the floor plan evolves.

Expo Hall Specs

There are black dots positioned throughout the expo hall that  represent columns.

The ceiling height varies from 30’-85’.

The maximum floor load is 350 lbs per sq. ft., so please let staff know if you will be displaying anything heavier than that, so we can work on a solution to get it approved by the convention center.


The aisles run vertically on this floor plan, so if you reserve a 20 ft. wide exhibit space that is positioned perpendicularly to the vertical aisles, end-cap design rules will apply (see link to design rules below). 

Last-In/First-Out Booths

755, 757, 854, 856, 1257, 1356, 1754, 1756, 2155, 2157, 2254, 2256 will be last-in and first-out.

This means that any exhibitors in these booths cannot set-up until 3:00 pm on Saturday and must have their booths completely dismantled by 2:45 pm on Tuesday, which is one hour after tear-down starts.

Other Pertinent Pieces of Information