About the Expo Hall

GEAPS Exchange is a great place to make new connections in the grain industry, find operations solutions and learn about new technologies and best practices from across the industry.

Find Solutions To Any Facility Problem

Between hundreds of exhibitors and hands-on education in the Expo Pods, GEAPS Exchange is your one-stop for finding a solution to any problem in your facility.


Refreshment Breaks and Lunch

Numerous refreshment breaks will be available throughout the conference. You’ll also get lunch in the Expo Hall on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday compliments of sponsoring companies.


Grab souvenirs at the GEAPS Marketplace

Looking for some GEAPS or GEAPS Exchange swag?  Grab branded apparel, drinkware or souvenirs right in the Expo Hall at the GEAPS Marketplace.

Check Out the Newest Products,  Equipment and Services

Many companies bring physical equipment to the show. Operators can learn more about the latest technology and trends, while getting their hands on equipment and asking questions. Executives can reinforce existing business relationships and form new ones.

The Expo Hall also serves as a lunch and education destination. Lunch is provided for free for attendees, and the Hall also features several interactive training sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

Exhibit at GEAPS Exchange

Build Your Skills in the Expo Hall

Take a break from walking the Expo Hall by attending a hands-on learning session in an Expo Pod or watching a live entrapment rescue demonstration.

Expo FAQs

If you have a question about the Expo that's not here, please reach out and we would be happy to assist. 

Call: (763) 999-4300

Attendee Inquiries: info@geaps.com

Exhibitor & Booth Sales Inquiries: conferences@geaps.com


What companies will be exhibiting at the Expo?

Over 300 companies have already signed up to exhibit at GEAPS Exchange 2020. An interactive floor plan and list of exhibitors will be available this fall.

Are non-exhibitors allowed to solicit business from attendees while at the Exchange?

No. If an attendee who is not officially representing any company showcasing in the Exchange exposition (a company registered as a trade-show exhibitor) is observed to be soliciting business from an attendee who is also not registered as a trade-show exhibitor, in the exposition hall or any other public space or facility under GEAPS’ Exchange show management, or in violation of any provision of this policy, that person will be asked to leave the facility or space immediately. Penalties may also be applied.

Observed violations should be reported to GEAPS’ Exposition Services Manager. GEAPS recognizes that “suitcasing” may also take the form of commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room; a restaurant, club, or other public place of assembly over which GEAPS has no management control. This policy applies to only GEAPS’ events at venues including sites, facilities or portions of facilities under GEAPS show management to include any event, facility or space reserved by or for GEAPS.