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Reserve Your Island Booth For GEAPS Exchange 2022!

For the fifth consecutive year, we are selling exhibit space using a two-tier Priority List system. This communication launches the start of Exchange 2022 booth sales for the first tier of Priority List sales! If you are interested in purchasing a Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space of select sizes starting at 30’x30’ or larger at Exchange 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri, March 26-29, 2022, you’ll have between now and Sept. 23 to complete and submit the Contract for Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space with payment.


Payments for 2022 Guaranteed Dedicated Islands can be submitted in two installments: at least half when the contract is submitted and the remaining balance by Jan. 5, 2022.


By purchasing a Guaranteed Dedicated Island, you are ensuring that your company will have a specific size island of 30’x30’ or larger at Exchange 2022. Once again, in order to commit to a Guaranteed Dedicated Island exhibit space, please submit a completed Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space Contract as well as at least half of the cost for the exhibit space by Sept. 23, 2021. Pricing and size options for Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Spaces are printed on the contract.


Here is some important Information to consider if you choose to reserve a Guaranteed Dedicated Island:


  1. After the Sept. 23 deadline for receipt of Guaranteed Dedicated Island Contracts and down payments has come to pass, GEAPS will create an expo hall floor plan that includes at least two options for the size of Guaranteed Dedicated Island that you have committed to reserve beginning with the exhibitors requesting the largest exhibit footprint and then proceeding to the next largest and so on. If there is more than one company committing to the same size island, we will ask you to choose your exhibit space in the order that you fall on our Priority List. Please note that after you select your exhibit space, the exhibit space around and near you will continue to evolve as we complete the trade show floor plan by placing all other guaranteed dedicated island exhibits and allocate the remaining space for “traditional” booths. We make our best effort to create a layout that optimizes the experience for both exhibitors and attendees but in doing so, reserve the right to shift your dedicated island exhibit space 10 ft. in any direction to accommodate fire code restrictions, facilitate traffic flow, or maintain critical sight lines.


  1. By committing to a guaranteed dedicated island exhibit space, you are ensuring you will have an island of the size you desire at Exchange 2022, and this commitment is made beforeyou see the expo hall floor plan. Once the contract and initial payment are received, any exhibitor who does not make payment for Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space rented by submitting the remaining balance on or before January 5, 2022 will be in breach of contract. GEAPS may terminate this contract at any time after Jan. 5, 2022, if an Exhibitor has not paid the total fee due for space rented.


No refunds of any amount paid will be given for cancellations unless: GEAPS is notified in writing of the cancellation; all available booth rental space has been sold; there is no available tradeshow booth expansion space; there is an established waiting list; and the contracted booth space is resold. If all of those conditions are met, refunds will be given on a 1:1 basis less 10% of the total rental fee due for the cancelled booth space.


Cancelling participation in the GEAPS Exchange 2022 tradeshow does not relieve an exhibitor’s contractual obligation to make payment in full for Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space rented. Cancellation applies to the entire dedicated island space. An Exhibitor cannot cancel a portion of a dedicated island space and retain the remaining space.


  1. Priority List exhibit space sales for Tier Two will begin in mid-to-late October, after all reserved Guaranteed Dedicated Island Exhibit Space has been placed on the floor plan. The 2022 expo hall floor plan will be presented to Tier Two electronically, displaying companies who committed to a Guaranteed Dedicated Island already in their booth locations. Within the coming months, we will send information describing how online Priority List booth sales will operate for Tier Two.


  1. Dedicated island booth spaces will still be available to companies not wanting to commit to a Guaranteed Dedicated Island. As in the past, they will reserve their booth space during Tier Two Priority List sales, which will occur online. However, the number and size of island spaces will be limited and selection will be subject to the standard priority selection protocol, the same as in previous years. 
  1. Only one contiguous booth space can be reserved per priority list position. 
  1. Companies with separate positions on the Priority List but having a legal corporate relationship will be able to contract for one contiguous booth space under the highest company’s Priority List position and house all exhibitors within that space if desired. If this option is selected, each brand can still be recognized individually in event listings and marketing materials. This also allows the parent company to retain its identity while featuring each brand’s name. If you use one Priority List position to reserve one contiguous booth space that will house multiple companies/subsidiaries, each company will still receive individual Priority List credit for exhibiting. Companies/subsidiaries which prefer separate [non-contiguous] booth spaces, must contract for them under each company’s individual Priority List position.

Top Reasons People Come to Exchange

  1. Become aware of new equipment, products, services and suppliers
  2. Network with industry peers and suppliers
  3. Meet with current customers or suppliers and/or expand their current supplier/customer base
  4. Evaluate and compare suppliers of equipment products and services for future purchases
  5. Attend education sessions

“One of my high points was getting to talk to vendors face-to-face. Exchange is usually my only chance of the year to shake their hands.”


Elevator Superintendent, Bunge

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