Welcome, Students!

GEAPS Exchange is free for students and accompanying faculty!

Student Day at GEAPS Exchange 2021

GEAPS welcomes students interested in careers in the grain industry to attend GEAPS Exchange!

Student Day is designed to help students learn more about the industry and make connections to help them prepare for their career. This year, the GEAPS Membership Committee will be hosting a panel discussion for the students. The panel will focus on the how companies work with non-GMO, organics, or less popular grains like canola, and the challenges of how to adjust as the demand for them changes in the future.

After the panel discussion students are invited to attend the Idea Exchange, one of the most popular education sessions, where they can see the latest technology in the industry.  Students will then move to an activity in the Expo Hall to see the latest technology and products in the industry, and network with a number of ag-related suppliers.  A complimentary lunch is provided. Student Day concludes with a social event, giving them the ability to network with other students, grain handling professionals and leaders in GEAPS.

If you or any of your colleagues have students who are interested in participating in Student Day during GEAPS Exchange 2021, please contact Deb Most at (763) 999-4302 for more information or to register.

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